Mosaique Consulting offers the hire of specialists within:

  • IT and digitalization
  • Finance and management
  • Engineering disciplines and geo-disciplines

We have contributed to staffing projects and organizations with several major players. Our consultants receive good pension and insurance schemes, as well as career coaching. The Mosaique Consulting team care about our consultants and work to give them the same opportunities and benefits as permanent employees. This profits our customers in the form of stable and long-term employment.

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Read about one of our collaborations, with Linn-Mari Johansen - Recruitment & HR, Apply AS: 

We look back on a year of good co-operation and good delivery from Mosaique, where the accumulated trust has resulted in a framework agreement. We have experienced that Mosaique delivers good candidates within both Engineering and Software development/programming. With their focus on customer service, reliability and follow-up, we are fortunate to have Mosaique as one of our framework suppliers.

Mosaique also offers services within Headhunting, Executive Search and recruiting. Read more about it here

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