Respect – Co-operation – Quality

Respect - Co-operation - Quality

The right person in the right place

Recruiting is not necessarily the same as finding the perfect candidate – the degree of success when you recruit is affected by where you are looking, who you ask and how the processes work to ensure the quality of the result. It is a fact that misappropriation costs time, frustration and discomfort – in total more money than we like to think about.

At the same time, we in Mosaique know that the right candidate is worth his or hers weight in gold. So easy. So difficult.


We are a complex group of unique people in Mosaique – we have different backgrounds, skills, age, gender, ethnicity, spirituality and attitudes. In our efforts to understand the needs of businesses and people, this has been very helpful to us.

Diversity here is about utilizing unused resources in the population or emphasizing a service production that reflects the needs of society. It may be worth thinking that if the client group is diverse, there will also be a need for diversity in the service offering. Working life is as diverse as everyday life, and we see different aspects of roles and candidates depending on which side we look at, so diversity matters!

In Mosaique we want to meet the variety, differences and dynamics with curiosity and respect.

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