Our employees

The employees in Mosaique are a complex group of unique people – we have different backgrounds, skills, age, gender, ethnicity, spirituality and attitudes. In our efforts to understand the needs of businesses and people, this has been very helpful to us. Our employees reflect our values, both in terms of their background, but also in their daily work: Respect – Cooperation – Quality.

Check out out fantastic team below, and read about their exciting and varied background. This is just some of what we in Mosaique call diversity. 


Roar Dybing

Partner & Managing Director Mosaique Headhunting AS

Educated in IT and economics from the University of Stavanger. 25 years of experience in the ICT industry. 15 years of sales experience for the region’s business community. Established Mosaique AS in 2001. Experience from recruitment to all types of positions.

Telefon: +47 976 93 096

E-post: roar.dybing@mosaique.no

Roar Dybing - Our Employees
Cecilie Kleppe - Our Employees

Cecilie Kleppe

Partner & Headhunter

Cecilie holds a Master of Social Security. She has more than 20 years of experience from contact-creating activities at all levels. Experience from recruitment and headhunting at all levels. since 2005. Partner with full project manager responsibility in relation to customers. Cecilie has the main responsibility for recruitment to clients in management consultig, oil and IT.n

Telefon: +47 412 43 220

E-post: cecilie.kleppe@mosaique.no

Bjørn Madsen

Partner & Headhunter

Bjørn is a graduate of the Business Academy and has 13 years of experience in the IT industry. He spent 6 years as an instructor in WMdata and the University of Stavanger before starting sales in the Alliance. At Evry, he was the Key Account Manager for SMB’s oil & gas customers. He comes to Mosaique from the position of Resource Responsible in IKM Consultants. Bjørn has worked in Mosaique 2013, and has primary responsibility for all recruitment to the IT industry.

Telefon: +47 928 05 868

E-post: bjorn.madsen@mosaique.no

Bjørn Madsen - Our Employees
Paula Robles Nettel - Our Employees

Paula Robles Nettel

Project manager

Paula holds a bachelor’s degree in International Business from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (ITESM). Paula comes from Aker Advantage where she has worked in recruitment for temporary engineering positions at Aker Solutions. She has good industrial insight into the oil industry after several years in the Upstream International Oil and Gas Newspaper. In Mosaique Headhunting, Paula is responsible for engineering positions in most disciplines, including ICT.

Telefon: +47 921 38 190

E-post: paula@mosaique.no

Synnøve Holgersen Høivik - Our Employees

Synnøve Holgersen Høivik

Business Development Manager

Synnøve has an MBA with a major in Human Resource Management (HRM) and a Bachelor in Social Economics. She has several years of experience in recruitment in finance, economics, and administrative key roles to the oil industry, and in recent years had operational and strategic responsibility for HR and HSE in the industrial industry. In Mosaique, Synnøve has primarily been responsible for business development, sales and marketing. Now she has taken on the role of project manager, and is responsible for several of our important deliveries.

Telefon: +47 473 80 611

E-post: synnove.hoivik@mosaique.no


Kine Charlotte Buchanan

Partner & Managing Director Mosaique Consulting AS

Kine has extensive experience in sales and recruitment / hire in mainly oil-related operations since 2008. In addition, she has experience as HR advisor and recruiter in Aker Solutions. Prior to Mosaique, she worked as a regional leader in Top Temp where she was responsible for Stavanger, Bergen and Kristiansand. Kine has a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from RMIT University in Australia where she completed as top 15% of students. Ongoing MBA. 

Telefon: +47 947 99 936

E-post: kine.buchanan@mosaique.no

Kine Charlotte Buchanan - Our Employees
Siw Thorstensen - Our Employees

Siw Thorstensen

Human Resource Consultant

Siw has long experience from the hotel industry and as an administrator in the oil industry. Siw works as a staff coordinator in Mosaique Consulting.

Telefon: +47 930 11 626

E-post: siw.thorstensen@mosaique.no

Silje Ledsaak - Our Employees

Silje Ledsaak


Silje has a Bachelor of Personnel Management at UIS. She has worked for 10 years in the fitness industry, for a number of years as a center manager, to combine education and interest. For the past year she has worked with research in Oslo and Stavanger, especially in the IT industry.

Telefon: +47 905 08 305

E-post: silje.ledsaak@mosaique.no

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