Headhunting or Executive Search are usually used for management positions or key positions where it can be difficult to attract qualified applicants through an advertisement. Mosaique undertakes to establish a candidate pool of qualified, interested and rightly motivated candidates. The implementation is carried out based on information from our client and our network, making direct contact with a small number of possible candidates and discussing a job change with them. The candidates are presented and together with the client we make the selection. The selection is based on both tests and analyzes as well as structured interviews.


General recruitment and advertised assignments require a comprehensive process to find the best qualified candidates. Here we conduct a direct search in the market, often combined with advertisements. Mosaique Headhunting has its own internet-based system to manage applicants. The candidates in question are selected based on tests that are already carried out from the time they report their interest.



“Mosaique Headhunting will re-execute the recruitment project free of charge if the candidate’s performance after employment does not match the client’s expectations, and the employer for this reason terminates the employment relationship during the trial period.


The staff at Mosaique Headhunting is certified to use Cut-e test tools. This gives us access to a variety of modules and allows for a thorough reconciliation against a predefined profile. The selection will be objective and based on comparable test results. This way we ensure that we find the best qualified candidates in relation to the desired profile. Mosaique Headhunting can also carry out tests and selection among candidates our clients have identified and had for interviews.


Our candidates undergo structured interviews, practical or theoretical problem solving, ability testing and mapping of personality related to leadership style, sales skills, result orientation etc. Our ability tests are adapted to a variety of professional disciplines such as project managers and managers, IT positions, engineers, consultants and sales-reps.

Mosaique also offers Consulting and Freelance services. Read more about Consulting here and about Freelance here.

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